A decade for a second

“Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you’re going to perform, you’ve already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself.”
-Usain Bolt, Introduction Unnecessary

I got up the other day and, quite routinely, opened up Facebook. It’s not the healthiest thing, I’ve been made aware in the past. But wait! That’s not what I’m trying to say. I’m not here to talk bout how I secretly stalk people on a site where they’ve voluntarily put stuff about themselves.

My point is that I came across a certain picture uploaded by The Hindu that caught my eye. To be honest, it’s not the post that got me fuming. It was the content. Before you are led to jump to conclusions, I would like to say that I angry at what had happened and not because of The Hindu’s post.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.28.59 AM.png

This is the post. Yes, it comes across as a proud featured image of the victorious Sakshi Malik as she raises her flag succeeding her endeavours at the Rio Olympics. Yes, I am proud to be an Indian alongside her. No, I’m not as successful as her, or that I had any part in it. But yes, I am proud.


Yeah, it is notable of you, if not noble, to give an athlete a hefty sum to save your government’s sorry *blushes*. BUT A JOB?

If there’s anyone who could understand the amount of stress society can put you through, it would be an athlete.

Sportspeople around the globe have to put up with the constant ‘it’s not a real job’ jibber jabber. In India, they have to put up with that and then even not have proper facilities. Almost as if we’re too afraid to make it a ‘real job’.

And if that isn’t enough, you consider a reward to years of effort and tireless training, a job? Oh wait, I forgot. It’s a REAL JOB you are offering them. Like ‘le beta. Tune humko medal diya, uske liye ab tere liye maine naukri.com se achcha wala government job lo’

We live in a country where teachers would take our PT lecture just because they had ‘real subjects’ to teach. We live in a country where sports are considered hobbies till we become the next Sachin Tendulkar. We live in a country where if we play well in a sport, chances are someone is going to come to us and say, ‘Achche khelte ho. Cricket kheloge?’ Mera Bharat Mahan! Right? Well, wrong!

She has a job, numb nuts! If only I could really vent my frustration at the Haryana government, or every other Indian sports body for that matter, and say the cruelest things to them. You know, like maybe call them sarcoma, or an appendix, I don’t know. But this has got to be the most Donald Trump like thing I’ve seen. To be honest, it takes a sheer amount of balls to pull of this kind of crap abroad.

Imagine this. After being slammed for being the pretentious little thorn you are, and then almost getting banned from the Olympics, you manage to shove yet another finger up your <insert appropriate word>. You know what’s the worst? The public might just even fail to notice.

I’m not saying the average Indian citizen is dumb, but we’re so busy dealing with our own stuff, that this is perhaps improvement.

And there’s another sect of people who are subjected to just as much emotional and psychological torture as athletes. Women!

Women have been subjected to the worst questions you can be subjected to. Yes, I am aware that guys are bound to get their own form of pressures. But then at least it’s easy to handle people asking ‘when are you getting married’, or ‘what are you doing with your life’. Have you ever wondered how it felt being asked ‘why don’t you sit at home and learn to cook?’ or ‘Who will get married to you if you roam with guys so often?’

Yeah! That’s the kind of questions girls face quiet regularly. When they have some respite from avoiding all the ‘accidental’ hands and bodies brushing against them, they are subjected to their own subtle form of rape. Societal rape, as I would like to call it.

Combine the two, and you have our entire picture painted out for you. Women athletes! Wow… Doesn’t seem to get much worse, does it?

From sending radiologists as your CMO, to not providing water to our marathon runner, to giving the athletes drinks and peanuts for the Independence Day dinner, is basically what our current IOA is all about. For that, the entire Indian contingent should get a gold medal for bearing them.

I know there is always the age-old argument that, ‘if you want it changed, be part of the change’. Well, news flash, I DON’T WANT TO JOIN THE GOVERNMENT. I would like to change a lot of things in a lot of departments. That doesn’t mean I go and join the committees of all those things. That’s not how things work. It’s not that I don’t want my ands dirty or anything. I feel I won’t do justice at the post, and that’s why I shan’t join it.

I just wanted to say, if you’re a girl, an athlete, handicapped, retarded, dumb, mute, jailed, dead, a plant, a Magikarp, a goddamn stone, and there’s something you want. Don’t let anybody… And I mean anybody… Stop you from achieving your true happiness.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? Is that what you’re really still asking?

If she was working in a corporate job, and as a reward of outstanding performance, someone offered her the job of being a sportsperson, how awkward would you find that?

PS: I loved our athletes performance in the Olympics. Like V. Rasquinha mentioned, it’s not about the medals. What is it about, then? It’s about years, and sometimes decades, of effort and hard work for a second of success. And for this, we love every one of those who did and didn’t make it to the grand stage. To every child who gets up early morning or sleeps late so that they can make the slightest of progresses in whatever they are trying to achieve, sportsperson or not.

Better to disappear

“What’s development as a humans if we leave behind our humanity?”

Ever since the ever famous (or infamous, depending on how you perceive it) game, Pokemon Go, has released by Niantic Labs and Nintendo, we have found our society spiralling into a vortex of confusion. Never has a game been perceived so variedly before. I cannot find my day being complete without two things. One, a whole ton of Doduos (which is an extremely mediocre Pokemon found in sheer abundance in Bombay), and two, another ton of posts on the game, loved and hated alike. My major point being that, whether we’d like to hate it or not, we cannot ignore the fact that it’s an important moment in our lives.

You can imagine the horrors I’ve been through, considering I was hospitalised briefly at a time when all my peers were on the quest to ‘catch ’em all’. I found myself quickly trailing the bunch and had to find ways to over compensate, which mainly meant devoting more time.

With the amount of users you’d know, you’d expect the game to have released in full flow. However, the harsh reality is that the game has released in a handful of countries with a bare minimum of features. Of course, with such a high amount of people giving such priority to a game, of all things, you’re going to have a fair share of haters, or at least people with flip side opinions.

The game has reached extents of websites being developed for tracking Pokemon and some which help you travel around without having to actually move. The primary purpose of the game was, at least intended to, make people get off their asses and move around, maybe walk or cycle at least. Basically, give some sort of activity to our substandard excuses for lives we live.

What initially was a fad, started to get a bit overdone unfortunately. What’s unfortunate, is actually the amount of people who post the most random things to criticise the game in the name of content. Don’t get me wrong, the game gets its own share of fair criticism, and that’s completely fine. But when you have India TV and Aaj Tak going around and saying that Pokemon Go is the new ‘Game of Death’, I would assume it’s taking it to a whole new level of extreme.

Another app making a dramatic, however minimal, is a caricature generating app called Prisma. It’s another app that takes advantage of people’s craving for an easy way out by applying a version of the Posterise filter into your pictures.

Now, I don’t really use the app, and to add to that, I’m part of the sect of people that isn’t particularly fond of it either. I don’t really hate it, and I accept that it is probably good if so many people love it.

Nevertheless, the concerning fact is that it’s almost amusing to notice our lives filled with nothing other than Pokemon Go or Prisma. While it’s okay to accept that the amount of downloads was going to create some headlines somewhere, but it’s concerning when it makes more news than some more pressing matters.

Today, I stumbled upon a piece of news which was quite horrifying. A few days back, on the 26th of July, there was a shocking incident in Japan where a radical was involved in stabbing some people. I would right in emphasising that the people were stabbed purely because they carried some disability of some sort.

Why did I feel the need to emphasise the disability bit? Well, it’s probably because that’s the reason we haven’t heard of it. Yeah, I have to admit that I’m not someone who reads the newspaper or watches the news a lot. But then I don’t really know a lot of people who are aware of this horrific incident.

I’m not going to get into the details of the incident, maybe some other time. What I wanted to write about today, is about the path we are taking as humans. What is left to say when the news makes a big deal of what Taylor Swift said to Kanye West, or about Varun Dhawan’s view that Pakistan banning his film is the ‘wrong decision’. Now I’m not saying that these people aren’t important. But there’s no way someone’s opinion on a topic of entertainment is more important than a mass killings. Not only is the horror of the brutal killings bad enough, the fact that they were killed because the people were disabled is what’s the absolute worst.

“It is better that disabled people disappear.” This is the statement the felon was quoted to be said.

It’s on this day I have truly found that, as a species, we have truly lost what was supposed to make us human. We have lost our humanity. As far as I feel, it’s only a matter of time before the wiser half of the human community truly feel it is better to disappear ourselves.


“What is peace? What is freedom? What is strength?”

2016. Yes, that is the year we live in. I know a lot of us find it ridiculous that I have to state it like it demands my kidneys to believe in it, or that I would have to go to great lengths to usually prove it, but, yes, it’s 2016. The reason I’m stating this over and over again is because we live in a country that makes us believe otherwise. More specifically, it’s half a year past 2016. The eighth day of June, to be precise. Why is it so significant? A particular movie which is due to release in the next nine days is struggling to find a suitable certificate. There were even speculations that it had been banned; however, fortunately or unfortunately, that is not the case. What got me concerned is the reaction of the people when that news broke. People, either voiced out their opinions that it shouldn’t be, perhaps out of frustration of the frequency, or they peacefully accepted, which is even more concerning. Yes, I’m speaking of Udta Punjab.

Let me begin by saying that Pahlaj Nihalani, the present head of the Central Board of Film Certification of India, is an appropriate word that I’d rather not say. It takes skill to be the solely hated person by all the collective masses of such a diverse nation, and he has done with the utmost crudity.

To begin with, the story is set in the Indian state of The Punjab, where recently the youth has taken a fancy to drugs. Now, whether Mr. Nihalani and our other esteemed politicians would like to admit it, it’s a fact. Truth to be told, the average number of addicts in Punjab is four times more than the global average. To add to that number, is the fact that an average of Rs. 7,500 crore worth of drugs is consumed per year. If that isn’t a shocking number for a state that resides a little under 28 million people, I don’t know what is. (Source: scoopwhoop.com, indiaopines.com, quora.com)

To add to this ignorance our government prefers to show, is the violence in the language used by Shahid Kapoor in the film. Their solution to that is to censor the film by cut not less than 89 shots. For a board that censors words like Bombay and, yet, allows films like Mastizaade and Kyaa Kool Hai Hum 3, I hardly think that this is a credible reason to censor the takes in the film.

I agree that there might be disruptions in the law and order of the state. But if those statistics are accurate, and I know they are, then a disruption is inevitable; and if a film is the reason for that, then so be it.

I’m not getting into the nitty gritty of drug abuse. This isn’t about that. This isn’t about the debatable fact that drug abuse is good for the body or not. This isn’t even about Udta Punjab. This is about the fundamental right of expression. I would like to be able to view what I want just as much as people would like to show what they want. I understand that all of what I want to watch might not be available, but then again, just because there is a line to draw doesn’t mean it must be drawn at the free will of a government sanctioned lunatic. Just because the content is too profane for your pretty little mind, that does not mean it must be banned. After countless number of bans on the most ridiculous topics, I have grown frustrated enough as an upcoming filmmaker and more so now as an Indian citizen. For the amount of times we’ve made fun of North Korea, where does this situation leave us. Probably, the only difference is that I don’t have to bow down to Kim Jung Nihalani and Kim Il Modi.

This isn’t even a political party issue. I’m not crying out loud about the BJP government or any other political party as such. But this needn’t be confused with an unbiased perspective. This is a downright opinionated piece. I’m not a third person today. Today, I’m an Indian citizen, who abides by the laws stated by the Government of India as much as I can. Today, I come and speak forth as someone who sits at home and prays that the next film, book, statement, art, craft, lav**, lasoon, anything as such, comes out exactly as it was intended to. Whether it’s a Game of Thrones episode, or a book on Bambi, there is a reason they are artists, the creators. It’s because they know their art.

To be really honest, I don’t even know why the certification board is allowed to censor. As comedian Sorabh Pant has so diligently pointed out. ‘It’s not a censor board. It’s the CBFC. Like ‘A’ or ‘PG’ or ‘FOH’ as in Fuck off ho jaye.’

You know your country is messed up when your comedians are the ones you listen to and the politicians are the ones you laugh at. No, I did not come up with the quote, but the point is that it’s true. We don’t share comedians’ posts because they’re just funny. We do it because they are fucking legit.

So if tomorrow Udta Punjab or Udta Kauwa or Udta-bloody-Macbook comes up, I am going to watch it. And what the board doesn’t know or pretends to not know, is that every fucking person is going to watch this. And what they wanted to avoid by banning or censoring, is going to be the cause for more people watching it.

Bottomline is, if I want to watch something that is within the laws of the country, I have every damn right to watch it; and nobody, not even Kim Jung Nihalani has the right to stop it. Unfortunately, he thinks otherwise. And then they wonder why this country is in a state of silent rebellion.

If it continues like this, subtly we’ll find ourselves in a post revolution world of the Big Brother; one where…



“What’s left of this world to hate, but hate itself?”

This morning, I woke, rather in a frantic way. I had to rush to work, and because I didn’t have the usual one hour buffer I normally keep between waking and leaving, I missed out on the usual ritual of scrolling through all my notifications. No, it’s not really a big deal on missing out on that. It’s not even the most uncommon thing you’ll find on this planet. But the fact that I have a ‘ritual’ of performing such a task, is what got me to write this piece. Some may have noticed that I’ve used the word ritual rather than habit, and I would like to add that it was absolutely imperative that I do so.

The idea to choose to use ritual over habit or any other word, more generally used in such circumstances, is because of three things. Firstly, like every other religious ritual, I do not reason with why I do it; I just do. I prioritise it over other important things because, in my little head, I do find that important. And, just like every other ritual, I believe that it gives me some reason of hope and positivity, even though deep down I know it’s all just a farce.

Anyway, getting back to the point I was making. It’s becoming more and more concerning about the way we handle ourselves, and a lot of that comes from social media itself. I know when to act my age and when to be an adult, and a lot of that is because I’ve seen people’s experiences and I’ve learned from them. I’m not saying that I would be completely aloof had I not been completely absorbed by social media, but it does help if you know to use the apps wisely.

Having said all of that, people tend to accusing others of misusing apps just when the other person treats the app differently to what we would have. Yes, I’m talking the recent Tanmay Bhat’s incident. Please understand that he wasn’t misusing the app. In fact, he was using it perfectly when he notoriously mimed the legendary Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar in his Snapchat.

What’s concerning, and I really need to emphasise on concerning, is the reaction that has erupted to those petty little videos. Today, as the day proceeds, I see government officials branding him as a shame to the country.

Even the great patriot Anupam Kher has taken time from his busy schedule to say ‘I am 9 time winner of #BestComicActor. Have a great sense of humor. But This’s NOT humor. #Disgusting&Disrespectful.’ on Twitter.

Okay, firstly, I’m not going to comment on his profane grammatical skills or his use of hashtags. No, I’m going to comment purely on his idea. I’m not saying he shouldn’t voice out his opinion. But the fact that he has to prove his credibility to show his opinion matters is funny enough. I mean, I’m a nobody, and still give out my opinion. People, however few, still read my opinion. But if I have to prove that my opinion matters, it’s really funny.

To be really honest over here, I’m not much of a fan of insult comedy. Not that I find it offensive or such, but I feel that there are better ways of being humorous. Having said that, insult comedy is a very greyscale level of comic which clearly isn’t for everyone. That is why, if I don’t like a joke, I turn a deaf ear to it. Nobody means the stuff anyway.

The downside to that type of humour is that our country proves that isn’t really ready for it. At least right now. The outrage that the country is experiencing over a video which features glimpses of two of the country’s icons, is ridiculous. But then again, in this perfect utopia we live in, it’s only natural to react to this.

I mean, it’s not like we have to worry about poverty or gender bias. Those are things of the past. The entire country’s population is generally financially sustained, so there’s no need to worry about the financial status of the country or its people.

There isn’t any drought or hunger that spreads around the country, so we don’t have food and water to worry about.

Our children are perfectly healthy, since we don’t have any diseases either.

Everyone in the world love us, so we don’t have to worry about any beef. Speaking of beef, yeah, I don’t need to say anything more about that either.

So, I guess, what I’m trying to say is that we all have our opinions and we are even allowed to voice it. But before hating, we should really ask ourselves one thing. Do we really need to?





PS: I know it’s been a while since I last found time to write. I have realised the folly in it and I shall write more. Thanks to those who have personally asked me to continue writing. You be the real heroes.

Humility (…Today I learned)



“The great are made of the most glorious metals, but the humble are forged in the heavens.”

When we were on our way to Boisar for a corporate shoot, we did have a faint idea about the amount of work we would have to put into the shoot. The thing about corporate films is that the clients rarely expect a film with high production value. The purpose of the AV is to just get across a point, mainly something as simple as ‘hey, this is literally what we do… we work more and don’t care about how it looks’. On the other hand, we as film makers rarely accept the task of low value. We want everything to looks like it was shot at 4k at 240 fps.

Nonetheless, I soon found myself in a deep trap. A few fuck ups from my end didn’t help the cause either. I tried to prepare well for the shoot, I really did. But the sheer reason of how absent minded I can make myself, I happened to forget a couple of important things. Fortunately, it’s not really important for this story.

So let’s cut to the chase. Because I was the younger one, I naturally assumed that I would be made to do all the work along with another young colleague, Rahat. The need to learn through everything gave us the natural assumption that we would be made to do everything.

To be quite honest with you, we did. We actually performed a monumental amount of tasks, most of which we weren’t even hired for. Well, don’t jump to conclusions and think ‘how could he be so snobbish about doing extra work’. Well, I’m not. But just because of that, it doesn’t mean that I pretend that I’m only doing my work, does it?

There’s the same amount of justification in doing more work than you should as admitting when you do more work than you should. If you put in an extra shift, you have the right to admit it. Life’s no good being modest. Scratch that, it’s not good being just modest all the time. As long as your work is clean and good, you needn’t worry one but about modesty or humility. There’s never been anything wrong in sacking yourself on a seat at the end of the day and saying ‘I really worked my ass off!’

We literally mauled our strength to the floor. By the end of the trip… Better… Stronger… Wiser… We learned so much on the trip that every bit of experience is going to prove important to us at some point in our lives. We did get a lot of backlash, but it was a great learning experience. It gave us insight into a lot what other people do on a daily basis and how strenuous other people’s work can get.

The one thing that I learned which will truly stand out from this experience, however, is that it’s a team effort. In anything, any place, anytime, it’s always a team effort. Your individual effort is a secondary thing at any given point, albeit a more important one in the long term. However, every gig, every project, almost everything else is a team effort. Nobody’s too big to do something.

I learned the true sense of humility when my cinematographer would take my heavy bags from me to make it a bit easier for me. It wasn’t his job by any means to do so, but he, unlike many, understood that this project was equally mine as it was his and that in the end, we both wanted it to be a success.

A year ago, while I was at a self inflicted rut (no, it’s not really a rut; I literally am too easy to pass any bad phase as a rut), a very intellectual friend of mine *cough* Vidisha Singh *cough* introduced me to the two parts of our personality. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, or if she came up with this herself, but there are two major sides to our personality. Our long term self and short term self. Almost never does any decision give us happiness to both parts. The side we choose ultimately defines who we become. The short term part gives us decisions that are easy to execute, and reap immediate benefits. The long term self is far more mature and stable, but it’s not always the easy way out.

Now, most often, humility is something that is almost never an option for the short term self. Being humble has no immediate benefits, to be really honest. But then, any step taken down the humble path automatically coincides with you leaving behind more than just a thought. You leave behind a legacy.

To summarise it, if there’s anything I’ve learned about humility, is that it’s not a necessity. Humility is that Ferrari that very few people can afford, but once you get hold of it, you’re unbeatable. Humility has nothing to do with greatness, but it’s a damn good icing on the cake. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love icing.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what you want to take from each experience. Because, in the end, if you’re not learning and not contributing to something, what are you really doing?

PS: I have two really important things to say.

Firstly, I know I’m far from humble. If I have accomplished something, more often than not I would too proud to be modest. I am taking steps to achieve a different victory, though.

Secondly, I do know that my pictures might not always reflect the things I’m stating through this, but then there is some connection, as for this instance where the picture was taken at the industry in Boisar. Looking at the roof, Narayan (the assistant cinematographer) came to me and said, “However proud we become, in the end there’s always something that can destroy us. Accepting this gives us some level of perspective and we appreciate our losses and victories more.”


“It’s not a kit, it’s our skin.
We’re not only eleven, we’re in millions. 
We’re not just a crowd, we’re a family. 
It’s not just 90 mins, it’s a lifetime. 
It’s not just a game, it’s our life.”

What a wonderful feeling. What a wonderful day. Who would’ve known that we were going to experience one of the most amazing events that day… It was the beloved United vs Arsenal… We had the underhand after being part of a rather below par season; they, actually gunning for the title… Again?
The place was Gio Gardens in BKC… Errr, no wait… I meant the place of the screening… The stage was set… We had all come with the intention of crying all the way back home… We had no reason to be optimistic because, despite the two wins on the trot, Arsenal was one the top clubs in the country. They were feeling the pressure themselves, with Leicester showing no signs of lag, coupled with their poor performance.
The atmosphere was blissful. We all walked with the bounce in our stride that was reminiscent of the coveted BPL Live screening the prior season. With every passing moment, we started to get mote edgy and happy at the same time.
New friends were made as every person in the famous red and white became more than familiar, they became family. Yeah. The things about these events is that they form communities with bonds far stronger the ones formed by tradition or religion.
You know, this thing about the bond came across my mind in the afternoon at the famous 3WM aka Three Wise Monkeys. When we arrived there, the waiter immediately showed us the supporters’ club room, something we anticipated, but surprised with the courtesy he showed us. After a few drinks, some of the MUFCM members came and sat at a table of their own. Without a moments notice, they began their chants and cheers and even made us a part of it. This was something that always gave me the heebeejeees.
Back to Gio Gardens, the atmosphere got tense the moment the away team kicked off. They put pressure on us and we almost gave in with De Gea pulling us out of hell yet another time this season. Just as we thought that it was going to be a long evening, a young boy named Rashford pulled off the needle in the haystack. They entire crowed went crazy with every bit of frustration coming out through our words.
Then came the more difficult thing, we had something to lose; but to our luck and preseverence (okay, the team’s), we were two nil up, again from that boy.
We were bezerk. We had little worry in the world. We just didn’t care of anything, we felt ecstatic. If there’s one thing in the world I would want to say right now, I’d say that very few things would match te magic that we felt at that moment. We were hit by an oncoming freight train of happiness. Most pits were created, people were pushed and shoved, all in happiness. I saw a guy punch his noodles into the ground. It’s not code, he literally threw his cup noodles to the floor and started punching it. You can imagine how amazing it was.
With another blink of an eye, we had pulled another one on the gunners, something we loved doing. We made them our little b**** for yet another time.
When the game was over, I left the place. With Arsenal in the pocket of my team. With a set of strangers who I now call friends. With a set of friends who I now call family.


“I’m turning up the volume when you speak
‘Cause if my heart can’t stop it,
I’ll find a way to block it.”
-Naughty Boy

‘He’s got an inflated ego. Don’t bother, you know who he is, he knows he’ll get away with anything. His arrogance comes from that.”

A lot of times, he’d just sit there… Wondering what he had done to achieve that status. He’d just lie down on his bed and think to himself, ‘how different would things be if I were anyone else, putting the same amount of effort.’

He sat at the edge of his seat, taking every breath with the little bitter taste it carried. He wasn’t sure how his life was going. After a point, it all seemed numb. The thing about our body is that when it is put under a tremendous amount of tension, it starts to get used to it and numbs itself. This is perhaps why we’re able to bear a little bit of more.

He watched on as he remember all those times when people looked at him with every bit of contempt. He tried to gain his composure, something he was known for.

It wasn’t a problem, never was. Pressure wasn’t something alien to his lifestyle. He was born with a platinum spoon by his side. He didn’t have the sort of financial backing to prove his worth, but money isn’t exactly more than just what it is. The thing that made him good and what was supposed to make him great was something he inherited on day one, talent.

What was always known of him was his arrogance. To be honest, he wasn’t too proud a guy. He was nice to everyone for almost every bit he needed to. Alas! When has that been enough. People always found every little moment to make a mockery of him.

He was pulled… Wrung… Stretched… made dry of every bit of niceness he had to offer. At one point, we would always wonder why he was put through so much. Was it because of where he came from? Or maybe because people were jealous of his competence. One thing was for sure, he was going to be the best. Or so he thought…

He had raw talent, and he had the motivation to improve on it. Why be a jack of all when you can ace it all, was his thought premise. He saw nothing beyond first place and loved the pressure and problems that came with it.

He stood up, pensively looking up to the ceiling far up. The silence in the place was deafening. He couldn’t lie to himself. All those years’ worth of words that were meant to be unheard of had taken a toll on him. You can only take so much in you before you have to blow it all up. The time had come to blow it up, or get blown apart. He wasn’t sure which path to take, they all seemed the same anyways.

He took one step up and walked. He walked to the empty space… To the white light. With every step, every word that was ever said came to his mind. From every battle of egoism, right to this point.

It almost seemed to kill him, till it did.

As he was on that stage, where he stood to address his award, he looked to everyone who sat in front of him.

He was big now. His chest was at it’s biggest. He knew he had it all, but he couldn’t seem to take it all in. The main part of his walk up was consumed by all the talks people had.

It took, what seemed like, years for him to bring his voice box to some use. He looked up and said, “Thank you… It is you all who made me who I am…”

As everyone stood up to a thunderous uproar, he smiled. Not because of the reception, but because he knew deep down… He knew that although his hard work and talent played a big role; it was the people’s sting that drove him the most… Nothing made him more alive than all the things that killed him.


PS: This person could be anyone. You all have the capability to be great. And if you are on course, you’re going to find yourself facing the brunt of our ugly human nature. In the end, it all depends on how much you can channel all of this.